July / August 2015

ACTP Participating in Unique Germany Consumer Initiative
The Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership has teamed up with Destination Canada, along with the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec in an exciting pilot project to increase visitation from one of Canada’s top overseas markets. The project brings together provincial partners, German tour operators, travel agents and social media influencers to make Canada top-of-mind among potential travelers. Research indicates that Canada is on the dream trip list. The objective of the project is to convert from the dream stage to active planning and booking. By partnering and combining resources, the Canadian message will be stronger.

NB Whale WatchingThis initiative will focus on story-telling by German YouTube and Instagram stars, or influencers, sharing their amazing Canadian experiences. The shared experiences will lead to a website where consumers can start planning their own Canadian adventures. The marketing program will launch in early October, when potential travelers start thinking about their next vacation destination.

YouTube and Instagram influencer content will be generated during trips in summer 2015. Content will include videos, images, travel blogs, travel itineraries and more. The content will be posted on the influencers’ own social media pages and the campaign website. Destination Canada will then amplify reach and targeting through a paid media campaign to consist of video and display ads, search marketing, paid and organic social activities and joint marketing activities with key tour operators. The overall goal of the campaign is to improve awareness of the destination and ultimately increase visitation from Germany in 2016 and beyond.

Key Research in the Northeast United States
ACTP recently commissioned a research study to learn more about the characteristics of out-of-state travelers residing in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions of the United States. The focus was exclusively on ACTP’s three primary targeted lifestyle segments.

The report is final and the prospects are promising. Canada overall remains the third most visited international destination by Northeast travelers, although the percentage of those who have visited has softened since 2011. Atlantic Canada has not escaped the softening however against other Canadian destinations Atlantic Canada is well positioned to capitalize on further opportunity as brand presence is strengthened.

Of those polled in the survey more than 4.2 million travelers from the Northeast US would consider one of the four Atlantic Provinces in future travel planning. When choosing a travel destination relaxation, great weather and beautiful scenery are key factors in the selection process. All four Atlantic Canadian provinces have these three key attributes in spades. The marriage of these unique experiential elements with more universal activity interests and travel style preferences provides the opportunity to attract more US travelers over the border.Slides for Translation slides for translation 2

In addition to gathering significant market intelligence specific to destination selection and trip planning, researchers also delivered valuable insight into creative execution and image selection. Respondents rated both in respect to appeal and motivation. The result, the opportunity to produce highly appealing ads that evoke a unique experience and a strong sense of place, factors that are key to supporting brand positioning.

To learn more, please visit the key findings report or full report available on the ACTP research webpage.