May / June 2015

Reaching Consumers at Critical Stages of Trip Planning
ACTP continues to implement a targeted and fully integrated marketing program in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions of the United States.

Time + Space Media, ACTP’s media planning and buying agency, has developed a strategic and innovative direct to consumer marketing strategy aimed at stimulating visitation to Atlantic Canada. The program launched in February of 2015 and will be wrapping up in July.

The strategy continues to build on momentum generated in 2014 by using both print and online media vehicles. Print advertising fuels the imagination and inspires travel to the region. Full, half and third of a page full colour ads have been bought in Travel and Leisure, the New York Times Sunday Travel, AARP, AAA publications such as AAA Horizons, National Geographic, USA Today and the Boston Globe.  Below are ACTP US 2015 sample print ads.
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Online tactics reach high intent users via sophisticated targeting technologies which encourages the consumer to engage with the four provincial brands. By connecting with consumers during the research stage we can influence travel plans. ACTP continues to stretch their online investment by using a new and innovative technology which allows a very targeted and price competitive approach. The use of a real time bidding trading specialist allows access to all the best-in-class ad platforms, technologies and data providers to find the best performing audience at the best possible cost.

We are also very pleased to report, Time + Space Media has been successful in negotiating more than $1.5M in added value (55% of the overall buy) for the direct to consumer program.

Consumer Campaign Inspires UK Travellers to Consider Atlantic Canada
ACTP’s annual UK direct-to-consumer campaign launched in February and continued into May to inspire bookings from the region’s most valuable overseas market. This year’s campaign incorporated both traditional and cutting edge tactics, including 30-second ads on the Travel Channel, smart television ads on the Sky Network, 1/3 page newspaper ads in the Sunday Times, Google search engine marketing, Google display ads and YouTube and Facebook ads.  Displayed is an ACTP UK 2015 sample print ad.UK Sample Ad
New to the UK in 2015 and not yet available in North America are “smart” or programmatic television ads on the Sky AdSmart Network. This revolutionary new approach to television advertising is very similar to current digital advertising technology. It is highly targeted with the flexibility to select specific demographics and geographic. Different ads are served to different Sky households. Factors such as age, location and life-stage, derived from a combination of Sky’s own customer data and information from consumer profiler experts are used to create the target audience. In addition, ACTP is charged only when 75% of an advertisement has been viewed by the household at normal viewing speed. To complement the Sky TV program, ads also ran on highly targeted content environments on the Travel Channel. Combined, the ads have reached almost 700,000 potential UK travellers. At the end of the ads, viewers are encouraged to visit one of two featured UK travel trade partners to book an Atlantic Canada holiday.

The UK consumer campaign provides support to tactical media relations and travel trade activities, with the objective of improving awareness of Atlantic Canada in the UK market, and driving visitation and revenue to the region.