May / June 2016

It’s All Found in Canada
A Collaborative Approach to Delivering US Leisure Travelers to Canada

The Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership has entered into an exciting and innovative partnership with Destination Canada, to drive incremental US leisure travelers to Canada and more specifically, Atlantic Canada.

KE Found in Canada

The initiative is a collaborative approach with DMOs, PMOs and SMEs across the country co-investing in the program to leverage a cutting edge, multidisciplinary, result-based marketing program. Atlantic Canada invested $500,000 in the program which targets the cities of Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

The objective is to create buzz and excitement about the many unexpected experiences awaiting travelers in Canada, to shift perception that Canada is warm, fun, exciting, sophisticated and urban, to emphasize the great value and proximity and to create a sense of urgency to visit Canada now!

The program targets are 25 – 44 year old Americans, who have not visited Canada in the past and are living in key major US cities. They are served up exactly what they are looking for, which is vibrant cities, exquisite culinary experience, adventure at all levels, world class attractions and festivals and events – It’s All Found in Canada!

The approach is bold and forward thinking and is delivered in three phases. First the campaign reaches consumers through video, paid social media and paid search touting the unique, fascinating and accelerating vacation possibilities in each of the four province of Atlantic Canada. The second phase introduces key high-profile publishing companies.

AFAR NS NS Seaside Inns

Partnerships have been negotiated with AFAR, Buzzfeed, Matador and Refiner29, to name a few. Custom Atlantic Canada content such as video, photography, stories, itineraries, etc. is developed to differentiate our region of Canada from other areas of the world. The partnerships are negotiated based on guaranteed content views ensuring the biggest return on investment and the media elements are focused on driving those content views. Phase three includes digital paid advertising that delivers referrals (engaged audiences with a propensity to visit) to the Provincial websites.

The result, increased visitation and revenue for Canada and specifically Atlantic Canada. The Campaign launched in April and runs until the end of December, 2016. Results will be available following the conclusion of the full program.