Overseas Marketing

ACTP’s overseas marketing activities are concentrated in the United Kingdom, which represents the best investment opportunity and the highest potential for growth among overseas markets.

Consumer research indicates that awareness among U.K. travellers of Atlantic Canada’s location and product offerings is limited.  To improve brand awareness, ACTP promotes Atlantic Canada as a region as opposed to four provincial brands and delivers a coordinated ‘Atlantic Canada, Awaken to the Rhythm of the Sea’ brand in the U.K.

ACTP’s U.K. marketing strategy focuses on direct-to-consumer advertising, plus media relations and travel trade activities.  Consumer campaigns build awareness of and demand for Atlantic Canada holiday experiences among high-yield market segments.  Through a mix of traditional and non-traditional media, consumers are encouraged to book an Atlantic Canada holiday through ACTP’s tour operator partners.

Media relations and travel trade programs build on the momentum created by consumer activities.  Forging relationships with media contacts and tour operators strengthen Atlantic Canada’s profile as a top holiday destination, ultimately increasing visitation to the region.

ACTP’s efforts are key to further development of this market for the benefit of the region.  From 2012 to 2015, ACTP’s U.K. marketing activities collectively generated revenues of $26.4 million for tourism in Atlantic Canada, and achieved a three-year return on investment of $15.34 for every dollar invested.

Visit http://atlanticcanadaholiday.co.uk/ to see how the Atlantic Canada brand is marketed in this highly competitive environment.